AP Higgs Key Cutting Service in Cardiff Area

All types of keys cut / duplicated

We offer a full key cutting service for almost every type of key. Cylinder and Euro Key Cylinders, Dimple High Security and Mortice Keys. We have 4 different key cutting duplication machines. One mobile in our van and 3 machines back at our Cardiff locksmith shop. We can come to you to make a copy of your keys, with our mobile key-cutting service to Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Penarth areas or visit our locksmith shop at The Toolbox in Canton, Cardiff.

What are the different types of keys?

Cylinder Type Keys Cutting

Cylinder Keys

Cylinder keys are commonly used for cylinder locks, which are prevalent in residential and commercial settings. These keys have a cylindrical shape and are typically made of metal. They feature ridges and grooves that align with the lock’s internal mechanism, allowing the key to rotate and unlock the cylinder. Cylinder keys are widely available and can be easily duplicated.

Dimple High Security KeysDimple High Security Keys

Dimple high security keys are designed to provide an enhanced level of security compared to standard cylinder keys. They feature dimples or indentations on one or both sides of the key blade, which correspond to specific pin configurations within the lock. These keys often require specialised equipment and expertise for cutting and duplication. The complex dimple patterns make them more resistant to picking, drilling, and unauthorised duplication, offering increased protection against potential security threats.

Mortice KeysMortice Keys

Mortice keys are primarily used for mortice locks, which are commonly found in wooden doors. These keys have a rectangular or square-shaped shaft with a series of cuts or grooves on one side. The cuts correspond to the lock’s internal levers and pins, allowing the key to rotate and operate the lock mechanism. Mortice keys typically offer a higher level of security compared to standard cylinder keys due to the complex internal locking mechanism. They are often thicker and sturdier to withstand the forces applied during operation.
In summary, cylinder keys are the most common type of keys used for cylinder locks, while dimple high security keys provide increased security through their unique dimple patterns. Mortice keys, on the other hand, are specifically designed for mortice locks, offering enhanced security features and robustness. The choice of key type depends on the specific lock system and the desired level of security required for a particular application.