Emergency Locksmith - Boarding Up and Burglary Repairs

We operate 24/7 as an Emergency Locksmith and are ready to help.

Suffering a break in can be a stressful and upsetting time, but AP Higgs are here to help. If you have had your property broken into, then the first thing you need to do is call the police. They should then come to your home and give you a crime number. After calling the police give AP Higgs a call, we are fully trained in emergency boarding up and burglary repairs.

Emergency Repairs

If possible we will immediately repair or replace broken locks and handles to secure you property.

If windows or doors have been broken we will secure the property by boarding up the window or door using plywood or OSB so that you can be assured that your property is secure until you can arrange for the broken glass, window or door to be replaced.

Whilst there if you wish, we can also offer you a free home security and home insurance compliance check, to make sure you ward off any future burglars.

Our Locksmith will complete the work as quickly as possible to ensure you are secure and your home is protected.

We will get you secure as quickly as possible

Emergency Locksmith - Changing the Locks

If the break in involved forcing locks and handles to gain entry it will most likely have damaged  the locks and handles beyond repair.

We will offer you advice on which replacement lock would be best and keep you the most secure.

Here you can see the burglar forced entry by breaking the handle and lock with what looks like a rusty wide chiesel. We managed to successfully replace the handle and lock to an insurance approved standard.

Any time of the day or night we are here to help

We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services for both commercial and residential properties across South Wales. Call us on 07748 145414 so we can assist you in securing your property and reassure you through this stressful process.

Emergency Repair to Keep Passengers Safe at Cardiff Central Train Station

Emergency repair to make safe broken glass in the main entrance to Cardiff Central Train Station. We applied a clear safety film to both sides of the glass to ensure the glass remains in place and no fragments pose a risk until the glass can be replaced.