Marshfield Locksmith Newport Cardiff

AP Higgs Locksmiths are a family run business that covers the Cardiff districts of Marshfield, Castleton, Peterstone Wentlooge and St. Mellons. 

Our Locksmith services include:

  • Gaining entry when you are locked out of your home or business.
  • Same day lock change service at your home or place of work.
  • Burglary lock repairs & damaged lock repairs and replacements.
  • Installing additional locks and security including High Security & British Standard Locks.
  • Adjusting, repairing or replacing your uPVC & double glazing door & window locks, handles, mechanisms and hinges.
  • Plus all the usual locksmith services 24/7

Open door lock in Marshfield

If you are locked out of your home, we can get you in.

Need a safe fitted

At AP Higgs we are experts in installing residential safes for all those valuables.

Emergency locksmith

In an emergency we operate 24/7.

New UPVC Door Handle

We changed the UPVC door handle on a shop door when the old one was worn out.

Commercial Locksmith in Marshfield Cardiff

Marshfield Newport Locksmith at commercial property

AP Higgs Locksmiths replaced the door lock for the main office door after a business takeover.

A thumb turn lock was used to enable easy opening from inside.

Consider changing locks on house purchase

New house.. New Locks..Radyr LocksmithWhen you purchase a new house or flat it is usually a very good idea to replace the locks to keep your new house and yourself safe and secure.

Changing locks in the scope of purchasing your property is very cheap and our Marshfield locksmith can change the locks very quickly.

Explain UK Star Rating and BS logo on some locks

Maxus 3 star BS Standard lockThe star rating system and British Standard logo are commonly found on locks in the United Kingdom. These features provide information about the lock’s security and compliance with industry standards. Here’s what each of these symbols typically represents:

  1. Star Ratings:

    • Three-Star Rating: A lock with a three-star rating signifies that it meets the highest level of security standards set by the British Standards Institution (BSI). These locks are often referred to as “3-star” or “diamond-grade” locks and offer the highest level of protection against common burglary techniques such as drilling, picking, and bumping.
    • One-Star Rating: A lock with a one-star rating indicates that it provides a basic level of security but does not meet the stringent criteria for a three-star rating. These locks may offer some resistance against forced entry attempts but are generally considered less secure than their three-star counterparts.
    • No Stars: Locks without any star rating or unmarked locks typically indicate that they have not been independently tested or certified by the BSI. These locks may vary significantly in terms of security features, quality, and effectiveness.
  2. British Standard Logo:

    • The British Standard (BS) logo signifies that a lock has been independently tested and certified to meet the specific security requirements outlined in a relevant British Standard. For example, a lock conforming to the British Standard BS3621 is commonly used for external doors in the UK and is often required by insurance companies. The presence of the British Standard logo provides reassurance that the lock meets recognised security standards.

It’s important to note that these symbols and ratings are specific to the UK market and may not be universally applicable. Different countries and regions may have their own certification systems and security standards for locks. If you’re looking to purchase a lock, it’s advisable to check the relevant standards and ratings specific to your location.