UPVC and Composite Door Locksmith

Almost all modern UPVC and Composite doors have complicated multi-point and high security locking mechanisms, unlike older wood doors with traditional cylinder and mortice style locks. They are normally always equipped with locking systems that can over time become misaligned. If not serviced correctly, UPVC and Composite doors can become so bad that you are unable to close the door and lock it.
Once you suspect a UPVC or Composite door is becoming problematic to close and lock or you are aware of any misalignment, its important that you get a professional out to check it over and realign it all so it works properly.

Lock Repairs Cardiff

UPVC Repair Specialists

multi point upvc doorIf your locking mechanism is stiff or grating or will not lock at all, its extremely important to have it checked over, the locking system in these doors are usually gear driven and the gears are usually cast alloy, if there is stiffness and you keep trying to use the lock which is maladjusted this can cause the gear teeth to shear off which will lead to the total breakdown of the gear train and will cause you to have a door that cannot be locked. Once your door cannot be locked or will not close, this is usually where a customer will call me in a panic. Leaving it this late is usually very expensive and much more so than it would have been if the customer had of called me out to adjust the door earlier. Both Composite and UPVC doors usually have the same locking systems in these days and even some wooden doors can be fitted with them, usually along with a cored construction faced with timber. These style of doors can be identified by the fact they will have a locking mechanism with multiple hooks and bolts that are activated when the handle is pulled up. These hooks and bolts will lock into the door frame and wall for additional security. UPVC window / door jammed in the locked or unlocked position?  Contact us for lock repairs across Cardiff and the South Wales area. One of our experienced locksmiths can repair any issue as we carry a wide range of replacement mechanisms. We also replace door handles, letterboxes and knockers. Call 07748145414 and we will provide a free no obligation quote. We cover Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Pontypridd, Llantrisant, Penarth, Cwmbran, Chepstow and Barry.

UPVC Regular Servicing

This complicated mechanism is all turned by a single key using a cylinder lock. As you can imagine it’s a complicated system that needs regular servicing as its only the pressure of turning the key that moves it. Servicing includes oiling / greasing using specialist lock oils / greases and verifying alignment of doors and adjusting hinges as necessary. We can perform one off maintenance or arrange regular servicing on commercial properties.

Caerphilly UPVC Window Handles Changed

We recently changed some UPVC window handles to some newer more secure handles. It’s a very simple and quick job but it gives your windows a better cleaner more modern lock.

Make sure you keep your handles maintained, some simple WD40 applied every 12 months will do the trick and keep your handles working smoothly and reliably.

Old UPVC handle on window in Caerphilly to be replaced