Replace worn out lock in Pontcanna
Replace worn out lock in Pontcanna replaced with new chrome handles and lock with thumb turn

In the serene neighbourhood of Pontcanna, where homeowners often prioritise safety and security. So, when a worn-out lock on a wooden front door needed replacing, one family turned to the trusted expertise of AP Higgs Locksmiths.

Promptly responding to the call, AP Higgs Locksmiths arrived at the Pontcanna residence ready to enhance its security measures. The task at hand was clear: replacing the aging lock with a new, robust solution. But the homeowners had an additional request—they sought to upgrade to sleek chrome handles, complete with a convenient thumb turn lock for added peace of mind from the inside.

With precision and care, the skilled locksmiths swiftly removed the old lock, taking care to preserve the integrity of the door. In its place, they installed the new chrome handles, instantly elevating the aesthetic appeal of the entrance while reinforcing its security.

The addition of a thumb turn lock on the inside provided the homeowners with added convenience and security, allowing for easy locking and unlocking from within the comfort of their home. No longer would they need to fumble for keys in the dark or worry about the hassle of traditional locks—peace of mind was now just a simple turn away.

As AP Higgs Locksmiths completed the installation, the Pontcanna residence not only gained a renewed sense of security but also a touch of modern elegance. AP Higgs Locksmiths once again demonstrated why they are the go-to choice for locksmith services in the Pontcanna area.

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