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Skilled locksmith picking a door lock

Cardiff Professional Locksmith

Whether you need us in an emergency lockout to gain access, change locks or deal with a lock problem, or by appointment to upgrade or fit extra British Standard Locks, we are on hand to help with a friendly service that is second to none.

The majority of our business comes from recommendation from existing and past customers. We pride ourselves on offering a competitively priced, high-quality locksmith service with an excellent after care service.

We like to think we are the best locksmith in Cardiff and the surrounding area. Our ratings on Google and Trustist speak for themselves.

Installing an insurance approved Safe

This safe has a digital keypad with a £6k insurance rating.

Key Safe

We install plenty of key safes for the elderly, carers, dog walkers, AirBnB, family members...

Key Cut Service

We stock hundreds of keys and can cut most keys on the spot.

No problem to fix a Broken Key in door lock

We can get you into your house and fix your lock and key.

Multipoint locks

Replacement multipoint locking mechanism with a new cylinder lock and handles.

Smart Locks

New all-weather smart locks are becoming more popular. We can advise and install.

Emergency Cardiff Locksmith 24/7

Improve your Security with High Security Locks

Added a high security lock to a lovely wooden door and realigned the door in the process. Making your door secure is a simple and cost-effective upgrade that everyone in Cardiff should consider. High security locks are harder to copy and pick.

Improve your Security with a High Security Lock

Emergency Cardiff Locksmith

Emergency Lockout in Roath Cardiff

Late night emergency locksmith callout when the owner returned home late from a work trip realised they had left their keys in the flat and they were locked out. We responded quickly and managed to gain a non-destructive entry by picking the lock. Customer very relieved.

Cardiff Emergency Locksmith picked door for owner

Why a Locksmith will save you money

Being locked out of your home or car can be a very frustrating and stressful experience. It can happen to anyone at any time, leaving you feeling vulnerable and helpless. While many people may try to solve the problem themselves, calling a professional locksmith can actually save you money in the long run.

One of the primary ways that locksmiths can save you money is by helping you avoid causing damage to your locks or doors. If you try to break into your own home or car, there’s a good chance that you will cause some damage in the process. For example, you might break a window or damage the lock, which could require costly repairs. A professional locksmith has the knowledge, skills, and tools to get you back into your property without causing any damage.

Another way that locksmiths can save you money is by providing you with high-quality locks and security solutions. They can assess your property and recommend the best types of locks and security systems to protect your home or business. This can help you avoid theft or break-ins, which could result in costly losses.

Mobile Key Cutting Service for Porsche

New Key Cut for secure parking at Porsche Garage with VW Van outside

New Key Cut for secure parking at Porsche GarageMobile Key Cutting Service 

We offer a mobile key cutting service. In this case we were called to the Porsche Garage on Penarth Road to cut an extra key for entrance to their secure parking area. The new Eco fully electric VW locksmith van felt uncertain to enter.

Grangetown Locksmith

Panic Push Bar Lock

A Panic bar lock is ideal to keep people out from outside but allowing people inside to escape in a panic or emergency.

This allows the person to exit from one side in any situation by pushing the Rod. We came to fix a damaged lock and keep the drinkers of the Cornwall safe and secure.

The Cornwall Pub Grangetown

Commercial Sofa Shop needs Lock replaced due to excessive wear

Locks do wear out and become difficult to open or worse too easy to open. This happens with this commercial store in Cardiff so a replacement lock was needed and security improved with a high security anti-snap lock.

Natuzzi Sofa Store Cardiff Replacement Lock

Best Summer house in Cardiff lost keys

Llanrumney Summer House Lost Keys

Called to gain entry into this fabulous summer house in Llanrumney Cardiff  after the owner had lost the keys. We managed to pick the lock without damaging the summer house and replace the lock and provide 3 new keys.

When a locksmith needs to pick a lock

When a customer has lost their keys and needs to regain access to their property, a locksmith can use a variety of techniques to pick the lock and gain entry. First, we will assess the type of lock and determine the best approach to pick it. We will typically use specialised tools such as lock picks, tension wrenches, and other devices to manipulate the lock pins and tumblers into the correct position. By applying just the right amount of tension and skillful manipulation of the tools, we can successfully open the lock without causing any damage to the door or lock itself. Once the lock is picked, we may then create a new key or rekey the existing lock to ensure the customer’s continued security and peace of mind or replace the whole lock whichever is easier or cheaper. It’s important to note that picking a lock is a delicate and intricate process that requires significant skill and experience. That’s why it’s always recommended to call a licensed and reputable locksmith such as AP Higgs Locksmiths to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Locksmith Llanishen Cardiff

Another Evening Callout for a Shop in Llanishen to change a damaged Thumb Turn lock on the shop front door and an emergency glass repair.


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