Cardiff international sport centre
Anvil style Padlock

Cardiff International Sport Centre in Leckwith contacted us when the lock on their container was seized. We managed to unlock the padlock and gain access to the container allowing the sports to continue and replaced the old lock with a new anvil style secure padlock.

An anvil style padlock is a type of padlock known for its distinctive shape and robust design. It typically features a heavy-duty construction with a hardened steel body that resembles an anvil, which is where it gets its name. These padlocks are designed to provide high security and durability, making them suitable for securing gates, storage units, and other high-value items.

Key characteristics of an anvil style padlock include:

1. **Heavy-Duty Body**: The body is usually made of hardened steel or other tough materials, offering resistance to cutting, sawing, and impact.

2. **Shackle Design**: The shackle, which is the U-shaped part that locks, is often made of hardened steel and may be protected or shrouded to prevent it from being easily cut or tampered with.

3. **Locking Mechanism**: Anvil style padlocks typically feature advanced locking mechanisms, such as double ball bearing locks or rekeyable cylinders, to enhance security against picking and drilling.

4. **Weather Resistance**: Many anvil style padlocks are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, featuring weather-resistant coatings or materials.

These padlocks are favoured for their strength and reliability, making them a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications where high security is essential.

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