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Cardiff Bay and Penarth Locksmiths

From our base in Cardiff bay we are delighted to offer our locksmith services in Penarth CF64 and the local area. We are proud to be a trusted locksmith in Penarth, Cogan, Dinas Powys, Sully and Cardiff Bay and offer the full range of locksmith services including emergencies 24/7, changing locks, repairing locks, windows and doors and any complex lock repair.

Are you locked out in Penarth?

If you’ve misplaced your keys or your lock has failed and you find yourself locked out of your home or business in Penarth, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property. For emergency lockout situations, we are happy to provide emergency services to customers in Penarth and surrounding areas. We can normally get to you in an hour or less and can usually get you back inside your home in no time at all.

UPVC Window & Door Locks in Cardiff Bay

If your UPVC door is not working properly for any reason, in most cases it is possible to repair it without changing the whole door, saving you a lot of money and time. Whether its changing the lock, repairing the gearbox or adjusting the hinges and latch alignments AP Higgs locksmiths can help you and quickly.
Opening an apartment door in Penarth Marina

Penarth Locksmith repair broken and seized UPVC Door Handle

Emergency Locksmith job in Penarth to replace a broken UPVC Handle on door into garden after handle seized. We replaced the handle 

Emergency Locksmith Call-out All Saints church Penarth

We were called upon to a perform a Non destructive entry to a side door of the All Saints Church in Penarth. The mortice deadbolt turned out to be faulty and wouldn’t open with the key. 

What is a Mortice deadbolt?

A mortice deadbolt lock is a type of lock that is installed into a mortice (or pocket) that has been cut into the door. This type of lock is typically used for external doors and provides an extra level of security for your home or business.

The mortice deadbolt lock is made up of two main components: the lock body and the bolt. The lock body is installed inside the mortice cut into the door, while the bolt is attached to the lock body and extends into the door frame. When the key is turned, the bolt extends fully into the door frame, providing a secure lock.

Mortice deadbolt locks can be operated with a key from either side of the door, and some models may have a thumb turn on the inside that allows you to lock and unlock the door without a key. These locks are generally more secure than standard deadbolts, as they are more difficult to pick or tamper with, and the fact that they are installed inside the door means that they cannot be easily forced or removed.

Cardiff Bay Locksmith replace faulty new lock

Cardiff Bay Locksmith
Cardiff Bay Replace Euro Door Lock

We were called to a new development in Cardiff Bay by the management company to replace a faulty new 1 star BS Euro Cylinder door lock. Unusual for this to happen…, but we replaced it with an improved 3 star BS Euro Cylinder Lock. The new owners shouldn’t have an issue now.

Understand the star ratings on your locks

1 Star Euro Cylinder Lock
A 1 star euro cylinder passes the lock breaking method tests as determined by BS EN 1303:2005 – a standard that does not include lock snapping. It is recommended a 1 star euro cylinder is used in conjunction with 2 star door hardware, such as handles or cylinder guards, to achieve a 3 star rating and increase the security of the property.
3 Star Euro Cylinder Lock
3 star locks pass 5 methods of attack, including lock snapping, drilling, picking, bumping, and plug extraction. 3 star locks are recognised as leading high security cylinder locks.

St Augustines Penarth Locksmith new Yale night latch lock

Penarth Belle Vue Park locksmith
ERA Brass Replacement Lock
ERA Brass Replacement Night Latch Lock in Penarth

Installing a 5 lever mortice lock to BS3621 for home insurance requirements

Change Lock in Penarth to ensure compliance with insurance
Install 5 Lever Mortice Lock
We were called to Lower Penarth to change a lock to ensure compliance with insurance policy following a burglary. We fitted a 5 lever mortice lock to BS3621 for home insurance requirements.
Customer feeling a lot more secure now !

Insurance approved door locks

Home insurance companies approve certain types of locks for your house. These are the most secure types and conform to British Standards (BS3621).


When you’re looking for a home insurance policy, you’ll be asked what type of locks you have on your exterior doors and windows.


If you wrongly guess which locks are installed and then get burgled, your insurer could refuse to pay your claim.
Ask AP Higgs for advise if you have any questions about your policy.


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